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Research & development
  Development strength shows not only in technical progress but also in the economical and considerate exploitation of our environment as well as in lived quality management.

Berger-Lacke tries to meet all three objectives. In our opinion, this is an appropriate basis for responsible dealings with man and the environment.

  This confidence basis our customers count on and this is one reason, along with many other ones, for a long-lasting co-operation with our national and international partners.

Among the results of our intensive development work there are most modern VOC-optimized lacquer systems such as water-based paints, high solids, very high solids, powder-coatings and our potable water approved Epoxi thick film lacquer.
In putting about 10 percent of our sales into R&D (research and development), a figure quite above the average, we invest in the future. Our development laboratory, in doing so, places its main attention on coming, long-term trends in the customer industries.

Itís with solutions adapted to the problems of our customers, but also with possibly versatile universal products that we try to optimally meet their demand profiles.

Thanks to the stupendous variety offered, of lacquer raw materials and their exponentiated combinability, many things are feasible.

The practice-friendly realisation and checking of new formulas are taken care of by our technically trained field service force and by broadly equipped technical laboratory.