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  Persistence is the trademark of our portfolio policy. We concentrate on products commensurate with our strength and our own know-how. Outings into remote product fields we think little helpful. But products that technically combine with each other belong into our comprehensive product range. This translates into high comfort and technical security for our customers.

Our product range extends to all important lacquer-technical products for the preparation and coating of metal, wood and plastic surfaces as well as cleaning thinners, bonding agents, primers, fillers, welding primers, high-heat-resistant lacquers, intermediate paints, top lacquers, effect lacquers, one-layer lacquers, 2-pack lacquers based on different bonding agents, powder-coatings, to name but the most important product groups.
  According to technical category or the binding agent used we subsumize our products under the brands as follows:

LUBERHYD ® : water-based systems: 1-pack, 2-pack, PUR, EP, Hybrid
LUBERPOX ® : Epoxy
LUBERCRYL ® : Acrylic, 1C and 2C (PUR)
LUBERAL ® : Alkyd
LUBERSIL ® : Silicon
LUBERPOWDER ® :   Powder
For more detailed information and application fields please check the sub-navigation bar, grouped as per lacquer category.