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Company's profile
  The first impression is very important. This is true for all kinds of industrial goods, too. The surface makes a decisive contribution to this. That’s why the way a product is lacquered is of major significance ever since the industrial age.

Innovative lacquer systems not only fulfill optical functions. A great number of technical requirements are in the centre of product development and offering. Economic and ecological aspects play into the selecting the right lacquer system and lacquering technology. The technological and social changes necessitate a high innovation potential. .
Berger-Lacke It’s the individual multifacetedness and the high aspiration level that take the manufacturer to the edge of its flexibility and performance ability

We address ourselves to this challenge.

Berger-Lacke GmbH – Industrial Coatings – is specialising in industrial lacquers since many decades.

The company develops, produces and sells a standard range, specialties and custom products for coating industrial products of any kind. Here the attention focuses on optical functions as well as a multitude of most different technical needs.
  The economic and ecological aspects are among the basic criteria for choosing a lacquer system and a lacquer technology. Which requires the industrial lacquer manufacturer to be flexible, economically vigorous and most innovational.

Being a medium-sized company, Berger-Lacke comes up to these requirements, it is close to its customers and is highly market-oriented.