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Work Atmosphere & Conditions
  The working atmosphere must be OK!

Of course, a good working atmosphere is the precondition for happiness at work and success of the company. It is made up of several factors.

A work place, which is assured of a good future, respect and acknowledgement by supervisors and colleagues, the feeling of contribution and last but not least every single person contributes to the working atmosphere every day. We feel obligated towards this goal.

As a company with about 100 employees we have the perfect size. Big enough to constitute sophisticated power and competence. But at the same time not too big to be a manageable team in which the single colleague feels “at home". Working at Berger-Lacke in deed means being no "number", but being a personality we count on - day by day!

Therefore, a positive identification with Berger-Lacke, engagement and team spirit is important for all of us to be brought in. Constructive participation and positive thinking encourage the happiness at work and the working climate in the team.

  Team spirit instead of fraction thinking!

Either we are successful together or we are not successful at all. Every department, every person does his and her indispensable and valuable share. We all acknowledge this.

Diverse interests and points of view are normal and brighten everybody else's horizon. Essential is the combination of all details and aspects to support the welfare of the company. Therefore, we can not and will not afford to think "with blinkers". The exact opposite is our declared goal. The sense for the whole.

Instead of the technician-manager-conflict seen sometimes we need the manager with technical understanding and the technician with the manager view. Talents like this make us a team and are nurtured.
  Looking for ideas and participation!

What ever your talent, your education and experience is like, you have your individual profile and the possibility to contribute your specific share. Your competence, commitment and reliability will lead to respect and authority in the team. Your ideas, suggestions, impulses are welcomed. You take part, no matter where you work at Berger-Lacke.
  You are flexible and willing to learn?

The right answer can just be "yes". Because only those companies are successful, which quickly adjust to changing market conditions and customers’ demands. This works with the willingness and ability to improve and change. Therefore, we need every employee. Are you that flexible? You even enjoy changing and improving? Then this company is your place to be!
  It's the over-all quality that counts!

Since 1998, we maintain a quality management system according to ISO 9001 standards - voluntarily and by conviction - not pressed by customers.

Working with this system, we count on every single employee, because everybody is responsible for his or her own share of the whole. Literally, there is no work without a meaning for this quality management - our quality management. Thus, we have 100 people responsible for quality, responsible in their working area. Do you also want to be one of them?
  We offer the agreed wages!

As a member of the Association of Employers of the Chemical Industry ("VCI") our employees enjoy all agreed-on, non-optional benefits. As generally known, these represent top level circumstances. In short: "green light" is given also from this - not unimportant - point of view.